You can order a food course for a private group also in English. We offer several different themes from Finnish delicacies to a variety of ethnic cuisines. Gather your friends or colleagues and come enjoy of a cooking moment together!

For more information and course requests, please e-mail

Information about private food courses:

  • We do courses from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings
  • Our kitchens fit 10-25 course members
  • Kitchens are located in the center of Helsinki, address is Lapinlahdenkatu 3 A, 2nd floor
  • The food course takes about 4 hours including cooking, eating together and cleaning the kitchen
  • After the food course you can take the recipes home with you
  • Group can bring their own beverages for the course (we offer water, coffee and tea)
  • its good to take indoor shoes for the course, we provide the aprons to borrow

Prices and terms

  • Day time course (Monday to Friday between 9-15) 80 €/participant (+24 % tax when the buyer is a company)
  • Evening and Saturday courses (Monday to Friday courses starting after 15 o´clock, Saturday courses starting between 10-12) 90 €/participant (+24 % tax when the buyer is a company)
  • Our minimum charge is for 10 persons
  • If you want a customized theme outside our existing selection, we charge a 100 € fee for planning the course (+24 % tax when the buyer is a company)
  • You can pay the course with a card or with a bill after the course
  • We charge according to the number of people specified in the order. If there comes extra participants to the course, these will be charged as well
  • You can cancel the course free of charge latest two weeks before the course. For cancellations after this we charge a fee of 300 €

Courses in customers own premises

  • We can give courses also at customers own premises
  • Price is 70 €/participant (+24 % tax when the buyer is a company) + travel costs
  • Minimum charge is for 10 persons
  • Other terms as mentioned above