First aid cabinet

Equip your first aid cabinet or medicine cabinet according to your needs, and remember to check its contents regularly. Check all medicines’ expiration dates and dispose of any outdated ones.

Always keep your medicine in the original package, in order to ensure that the name, instructions and intended use of the medicine are available. Not all medicines can be stored at room temperature. Always check the correct storage place and recommended temperature on the package leaflet. Contact your pharmacist if any issues with your medicines should arise.

At home, it is good to have at least the following available:

  • a thermometer
  • surgical dressings
  • adhesive patches
  • wound-cleaning products
  • painkillers.

Most home damage and accidents can be avoided by prevention and by mapping any dangerous areas.

Don’t forget to get a fire blanket

A fire blanket (in Finnish Sammutuspeite) is not part of a first aid cabinet, but it should be easily accessible, and firmly attached to the wall. It is as important as a well-equipped first aid cabinet. The Youth Housing Association video talks about the fire safety of your home.