Services for immigrants and integration

It’s important for everyone of us to cope and have ownership over our day-to-day life. The Martha Organization provides courses, where participants can learn the basic skills and knowledge of home economics, as well as get courage and have successful experiences. Social and group work skills improve as well as confidence in a participant’s own skills. These courses support integration, help manage day-to-day life and promote a healthy lifestyle. When the everyday basics are under control, it is easier to concentrate on studies and learn a new language, as well as focus on getting a profession and looking for a job.

Our services are for immigrants in different situations:

  • stay-at-home mothers
  • young people
  • men and families that are in the reception system
  • immigrants who have already moved into a new community.

Our activities aim to help the participants in the following ways:

  • improve the smooth running of everyday life by strengthening practical skills
  • improve social skills and learn useful Finnish vocabulary.

What do we offer?

In Martha courses we cook food together with the participants. The theoretical part is basic and the focus is on practical hands-on cooking. Depending on the needs and goals of the group, the course can take place between three and ten times. One meeting usually takes two to four hours, on average approximately three hours. The target group, situation and content of the course affect the duration of it. Courses and lectures can be hold as single events or as a course series. In addition to cooking, it is possible to handle other topics in the courses, such as healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly nutrition, the management of finances, hygiene, cleaning and doing the laundry, daily life choices and daily routines. It is easy for the instructor to communicate with the participants in these practical courses. A small group creates a safe environment, one that encourages participation, making it easy to ask questions. Making food together, for example, promotes social interaction, increases everyday life skills and give feelings of success and joy. Their Finnish vocabulary increases and participants offer peer support to each other.  The wishes and needs of the partners and participants are taken into account when creating course contents. All Martha districts have their own teaching kitchens, but courses can be arranged on different premises as well. In courses supporting integration, the recommended amount of participants is usually between six and ten. The group size varies according to the needs and skills of the participants of the group.

Lectures given by professionals are also available, if needed. Arrangements regarding the premises and, for example, the use of interpreters are agreed upon separately, when arranging a given lecture. It is recommended to use an interpreter at lectures, if the attendants don’t have good Finnish language skills.  Home visits For customers that need special support in controlling their day-to-day life, it is possible to offer guidance in home economics by providing home visits. The home economics expert guides and involves the customers, so that they can do their daily chores by themselves and take care of their own household independently. The aim is to help families with their daily routines by improving their day-to-day management and practical skills in home economics, as well as to increase their confidence in their own skills. Advising home visits complement the services of others parties. The starting point for guidance given at home is defined by the needs of the family and its personal guidance involving the whole family. Children also participate, based on their age and abilities.  “During the course I learned new things and Finnish words. I got good advice for cooking and my skills regarding housekeeping and cleaning are now better than before”.

Benefits for the customer

  • You get information about healthy and inexpensive nutrition
  • You learn to cook inexpensive homemade food
  • You learn the basics of housekeeping
  • You get information on money and consumer issues
  • You learn new Finnish words in practice.

Who is doing the training?

The courses are implemented by trained staff from the Martha districts. The Martha Organization has long experience in supporting integration activities. We have been working with immigrant integration since the 1990’s.

More information

Ask for further information from your nearest Martha district office:

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We cooperate, for example, with the immigrant services of municipalities and cities, reception centers, integration operation units, rehabilitative work experience, international meeting points, parishes, adult education units, workshops, mother and child homes and shelters, as well as with different associations, communities and immigrant associations. Our partner usually contacts the relevant group and markets the courses to participants.