Moving house checklist

Moving to your first own apartment or to a new flat can be exciting but it can also be stressful. Take care of the following things before moving:

  1. Make a change of address notification with Posti (the Finnish Postal Service) and with Maistraatti (the Local Register Office) within a week of your move at the latest. This notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance.
    • The notification must always be submitted if you move permanently to a new home (permanent notification of a move) or if you temporarily stay at another address longer than three months (temporary notification of a move).
    • When you submit a notification of a move, your address is automatically updated with the public authorities, including the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA), the Finnish Transport Safety Agency’s vehicle and driving license register (ajoneuvo- ja ajokorttirekisteri), the Tax Administration (Verohallinto), your local parish (if you are member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland or the Finnish Orthodox Church) and the Finnish Defense Forces.
    • In addition, many banks, insurance companies, publishing houses, associations and other organizations receive your updated information.
    • From the website of the Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) you will find further information.
    • Make a list and think where you need to notify someone of your contact details by yourself. You are responsible for ensuring that your invoices are sent to the correct address and are paid on time.
  1. Get a moving van and required help well in advance. Note that the turn of the month and weekends are usually the busiest time for moves. Ask for help from friends and relatives.
  2. Notify the building’s maintenance company or the housing manager of your move.
  3. Make arrangements with your Internet service provider well in advance, in order to prevent interruptions in your service.
  4. Make an electricity contract for the new address by contacting the electric company. Remember to cancel your old electricity contract. Shop around with different electric companies in order to get the best offer!
  5. Get home insurance.
    Whenever you move, remember to notify your insurance company and transfer the coverage of your home insurance to your new address. Check that your home insurance also covers your move and your belongings during your move. You can find further information about insurance here:
  6. If you get benefits or assistance from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA), send any necessary forms to report changes in your circumstances or a new application for a general housing allowance.
  7. Think about who might have keys to your new home. If you feel that the locks should be changed, discuss this matter with the owner of the apartment.

The Finnish Youth Housing Association’s video (in Finnish) summarizes the paperwork you should take care of when moving.

Also, remember these points:

  • Do an apartment condition inspection when moving in and notify the landlord of damages or defects in the apartment.
  • Keep in mind that the tenant cannot do renovation work without the landlord’s

Remember to clean your old apartment before moving out and return all the keys.