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29.03.2022 klo 17:00
29.03.2022 klo 20:30
Lapinlahdenkatu 3 A 00180 Helsinki
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Korean cuisine – In English

A typical Korean meal consists of several small dishes that are seasoned with ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds and other lovely flavors. A signature for Korean cuisine is the generous use of different spices compared to its neighboring countries China and Japan. During the cooking class we will prepare e.g. bulgogi beef, bibim guksu noodles and bindaetteok pancakes. Come and fall in love with Korean flavors!

Information about the food course

  • The class is on Tuesday 29th of March at 17.00–20.30
  • The class will be held in Kamppi, Helsinki, at Lapinlahdenkatu 3 A.
  • The price of the course is 60 €, for Martha-members 50 €.
  • We will cook a delicious set of courses and the participants get to take the recipes home with them.
  • You can read our course terms here.

Enrolling to the class

  • Enrollment is done by buying a ticket.
  • The enrollment is binding. We do not return the course fee, if the participation is cancelled by the participant.
  • Course enrollment opens for Martha members on 15th of November and for non-members on 1st of December 2021.
  • Course enrollment closes two days before the course.

Other information

  • Please bring indoor shoes with you. We will provide an apron.
  • If you wish, you may bring some containers with you in case there are leftovers.

Contact person

How to buy a ticket?

  • Choose Lisää osallistuja.
  • If you are a Martta-member, choose hinta marttajäsenille. If you´re not a Martta-member, choose hinta ei-marttajäsenille.
  • Please fill all the required information, also allergies (allergiat) and phone number (puhelinnumero)
  • If you want to buy several tickets, choose Lisää osallistuja again and repeat the above.
  • Continue for payment.

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