Cooking classes

Cooking classes

Joining our cooking classes is a great way to learn new skills from baking to sausage making. Come alone or together with a friend, everyone is welcome! Although the materials and teaching in most of our classes is in Finnish, you are more than welcome to join in. English can always be used as a second teaching language when needed.

Course details and registering to the course happens through the calendar. We offer a wide variety of courses from international cuisines to mastering different skills.

The duration of a cooking class is around 3,5 hours to 4 hours and includes cooking, eating together and cleaning the kitchen.


  • The facility has a wheelchair lift and accessible toilet.
  • The facility has thresholds over 2 cm high.

Online cooking classes

Now you can participate in a cooking class no matter what your location is.

We are bringing our cooking classes into your kitchens. With our online cooking classes you can experience new cuisines, get cooking tips and improve your cooking skills remotely. Our courses are streamed live into your kitchens so you can ask for advice while preparing your meal.

The registration to our online classes happens through our event calendar. See the calendar>

Online cooking classes

  • Together we will prepare a 3-4 course menu.
  • The duration of the class is 2 hours.
  • The online cooking class is 25€ for Martha members and 30€ for everyone else. The price is per household/computer, which means that with the same price you can join with your friends or family.
  • One week before the class the teacher will e-mail you the recipes, shopping list and instructions for participation.
  • You will be able to participate with basic kitchen utensils and tools. No special utensils or tools are required.

During the class

  • During the online cooking class the teacher prepares the dishes at the same time with the participants, while explaining and showing every step.
  • You may choose to prepare all the dishes or just some of them. You may also choose to just watch and listen. The class will be recorded and the recording is available for the participants for two weeks.
  • The dishes have been measure to serve 4 people. You may prepare a smaller or larger amount depending on the amount of people eating.