Cooking classes for private groups

We offer onsite and online cooking classes for private groups in English. We have a variety of different themes ranging from Finnish delicacies to a variety of ethnic cuisines. Gather your friends or colleagues and come enjoy cooking together!

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Private cooking classes

  • We offer classes from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings.
  • Our kitchens fit 10-32 participants.
  • The kitchens are located in the center of Tapiola. The address is Sammonsilta 8, 3nd floor. 2100 Espoo.
  • The duration of the cooking classes is around 4 hours, which includes cooking, eating together and cleaning the kitchen.
  • After the class participants get all the recipes to take home.
  • The group can bring their own beverages for the course (we offer water, coffee and tea).
  • Indoor shoes are recommended when cooking. We provide aprons for the duration of the class.

Course themes

A Tasty trip to Finland

Treat yourself to a tasty trip to Finland. Course gives you an idea about traditional Finnish flavors and some home food classics that Finns eat. Seasonal menu with Finnish ingredients.


A typical Korean meal consists of several small dishes that are seasoned with ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds and other lovely flavors. A signature for Korean cuisine is the generous use of different spices compared to its neighboring countries China and Japan. During the cooking class we will prepare e.g. bulgogi beef, bibim guksu noodles and bindaetteok pancakes. Come and fall in love with Korean flavors!


Traditional Tuscan cuisine is famed around the world for a reason: the simplicity of the dishes brings out the natural flavours of seasonal quality produce. The basis for many dishes forms around various kinds of legumes, vegetables and herbs that are served with meats, cheese and, of course, olive oil. During the class we will prepare e.g. pappa al pomodoro soup, fresh pasta and cantuccini biscuits.

Georgian Food

The saying goes that Georgians live to eat. Georgian cuisine uses plenty of vegetables, spices, herbs, cheeses and nuts. During the course we will be making, e.g. lobio stew, badrijani rolls and hatsapuri bread. Note! Walnuts are an essential part of Georgian cuisine. Also ask for a vegetarian course!

Persian Food

Rose water, pomegranate, citrus, herbs, nuts, rice and thick yogurt. Persian cuisine charms with the abundance of vegetables and their versatile use, as well as their fresh flavors. Persian cuisine is bathed in herbs such as dill, parsley, coriander and chives. Lemons, yogurt and pomegranate add acidity to the food. However, the cornerstone of the kitchen is, in all its simplicity, Iranian rice, which is used in the course to make golden brown, crispy tahdig flavored with saffron. Note! Nuts are an essential part of Persian dishes. Also ask for a vegetarian course!

Spanish Tapas

Tapas is a small aperitif snack that is often enjoyed in Spain with a group before lunch or dinner – or as a main meal by laying out many different kinds of them on the table, as is done in this course! In this course, you will learn how to make traditional tapas and enjoy a hearty tapas table. The course prepares e.g. tortilla española, a serving of patatas bravas, and steamed clams.

Prices and terms

  • A daytime cooking class (Monday to Friday starting 9-11.00) 95 €/participant
  • Evening and Saturday courses (Monday to Friday courses starting after 15- 17.00, Saturday courses starting between 10-12) 105 €/participant
  •  24% VAT is added all prices.
  • Our minimum charge is for 10 persons.
  • If you want a customized theme outside our existing selection, we charge a 100€ fee for theme planning
  • You can pay for the course on site with card or with an invoice after the class.
  • We charge according to the number of people specified in the order. If more people wish to join the class, their participation will be added to the total amount charged.
  • The class can be cancelled free of charge latest two weeks before the class date. For cancellations less than two weeks before, a fee of 300€ is charged.

Courses in customers own premises

  • Cooking classes can also be held in the customers’ own premises.
  • The price is 95-105 €/participant (+24% VAT for companies)
  • The minimum charge is for 10 persons.
  • Terms as mentioned above.

Online cooking classes

Participate in a one night food journey in your own kitchen! Prepare delicious food while learning new skills. An online cooking class is a great way to spend some quality time with your colleagues during a remote well-being at work day or remote office Christmas party. The price is starting 30€/person.

Information about online cooking classes

  • Together we will prepare a delicious menu.
  • One week before the class the teacher will e-mail you the recipes, shopping list, link to the online platform and instructions for participation.
  • The class will be organized in Teams or customers’ platform of choice.
  • You will be able to participate with basic kitchen utensils and tools. No special utensils or tools are required.
  • The maximum amount of participants is 60 persons.

Online cooking class themes

Tasty trip to Finland

  • Fish Soup 
  • Karelian Pastries with egg & butter spread 
  • Bilberry Rye Pie -” Bilberry Rooster” with vanilla sauce 


  • Antipasti Crostini toscani – Chicken liver pâté 
  • Secondi Pollo alla cacciatora – Tuscan chicken stew  
  • Contorni Patate al rosmarino – Roasted potatoes with rosemary
  • Dolci Cantuccini – Almond cookies 


The price of the online cooking class depends on the amount of participants. All prices are added with +24% VAT (for companies only). If you wish to have a theme outside our normal offering, we charge an extra 100€ planning fee per class.

2 hour online cooking class (3-4 course menu):

  • Max. 20 ppl 800 € 
  • Max. 30 ppl 1050 € 
  • Max. 40 ppl 1200 € 
  • Max. 50 ppl 1500 € 
  • Max. 60 ppl 1800 € 

NOTE! Online cooking class participants purchase the needed ingredients themselves beforehand with the help of the provided shopping list.